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Course #1

The Basics of Business

Understanding the flow of money in and out of your business is pivotal. This chapter demystifies the 5 Vital Numbers, teaching you how to leverage them for business success.

Every contractor has an unseen adversary blocking their path to profitability. We’ll reveal this Enemy and how to triumph over it when you book your Free Strategy Session.

Gross Profit per Man Day (GPMD) is the cornerstone metric. Mastering GPMD will revolutionize the way you view job profitability.

Course #2

The Science of Estimating

Transform your bidding process with our deep dive into the science of estimating, guaranteeing you precision and control over your profits.

Spot the flaws in common estimating systems that could be holding your business back from its true potential.

Is the simplest method always the best? Uncover the truth behind Unit Price estimating and its impact on your bottom line.

Does the Markup Method truly offer you control over profitability? This chapter will open your eyes to the realities of this common practice.

Learn about the only estimating method that puts you in the driver’s seat for time, money, efficiency, and profitability on every job.

In the quest for competitive pricing, find out how low you can go before profits disappear, and learn the strategies to maintain healthy margins.

Course #3

The Six Corrective Actions

Embark on a transformative journey with the six powerful steps that can pivot your business toward unprecedented success.

The journey to transformation begins with a solid grasp of your Profit and Loss Statement. We’ll guide you through crafting, reading, and utilizing your P&L to maximize earnings.

Sorry! 😉 We can’t spill all our secrets here… But your curiosity is exactly what will lead to your success. Unlock these pivotal actions by booking a Free Strategy Session.

Experience the power of strategic foresight with our What If Tool. Pose any “What If” questions and get answers that guide decisive action.

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