AIMM Your Business Towards Success: Expert Coaching Tailored for Contractors

1-on-1 Coaching for 13 Weeks – A Transformational Journey

What to Expect:

Tailored Strategy Sessions:

Delve deep into your personal, company, and financial goals to align them with your vision of success.

Goal Setting and Achievement:

We'll help you clearly define your goals (Point A) and develop a strategic action plan to reach them (Point B).

Practical Assignments:

Each session comes with actionable steps to ensure continuous progress and real-world application.

Comprehensive Coaching Pathway: Elevating Teams and Tools for Continued Success

For Your Team

AIMM is not for just the owner alone. We encourage the inclusion of your managers and supervisors in each session to foster a cohesive leadership team.

Manager Training:

Equip your managers with the skills and knowledge they need to excel, from financial management to motivational techniques.

The AIMM Software:

Your ultimate budgeting and estimating tool to prevent financial loss. Monthly Fee: $500

Marketing Mastery:

- Dive into our comprehensive marketing services to turn leads into sales.
-Videos and Articles: Learn from detailed content covering critical marketing strategies.
-Branding, CRM & Funnels, Websites, Web Marketing, GMB, ROI Review:
Full spectrum services to amplify your presence and profitability.

Sales Success:

-Leverage our tailored funnels and techniques to qualify appointments and skyrocket your closing ratio.
-Manuals and guides to refine your in-home sales process.
-Innovative programs like the Neighborhood Marketing Program and Design-Build Line to elevate your sales game.

Hiring Excellence:

Gain access to over 100 comprehensive Job Descriptions and Roles, each detailed with Posts, Purposes, and Duties. This resource is designed to align your team effectively and set clear expectations for new hires. Empower your company to nurture fresh talent into powerful industry experts!

Crew Efficiency Revolution:

-Uncover how to boost crew efficiency and add thousands to your bottom line.
-Tools and manuals designed to optimize team performance and project management.

Pipeline & Stats Management:

Visualize your business flow from marketing efforts to money in the bank with our sophisticated stat management system.

Organizational Structure:

Create a balanced org chart that clarifies roles and responsibilities, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Beyond 13 Weeks:

Continue your growth with ongoing coaching at $2,000 per month, which includes ongoing support, weekly coaching sessions, and continued access to all of the software and tools.

Ready to transform your business with AIMM's coaching? Let's start this journey together

$499 / Week | $4,999 for 13 Weeks

Embark on a transformative 13-week journey with AIMM’s one-on-one coaching. Our seasoned coaches, including industry experts like Bridger Bellon, will guide you to significantly increase profitability, establish effective marketing and sales systems, and scale your operations to meet rising demand. With AIMM, it’s not just about managing your business; it’s about mastering it.

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