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About AIMM

Our founder, Terry Morrill, is a visionary in the contracting world. With over two decades of industry leadership, Terry transformed a humble beginning into a flourishing $20 million enterprise. His brainchild, Pacific Outdoor Living, stands as a testament to his innovative approach—proving that with the right strategy, extraordinary growth is within reach.
We are not your typical coaching company. We are a living, breathing entity, continually scaling new heights. The trajectory of Pacific Outdoor Living, from zero to $20 million, isn't just impressive; it forms the foundation of AIMM. The strategies and systems we've honed are not merely theoretical—they are born from real-world success and continual refinement.
AIMM stands unique as the only consulting firm that is also actively running a construction business, achieving over $20 million annually in sales and still growing. All estimating and project management systems in construction suffer from a critical flaw that leads to incorrect results. No existing software can accurately inform a contractor of their daily profits or losses at the end of each week or month. In contrast, AIMM's software provides precise daily financial updates, showing exactly how much money is made or lost each day.
Joining the ranks of AIMM's elite coaching team, Bridger Bellon brings a wealth of experience to the table, with a track record of transforming the ambitions of business owners into tangible success. As a Business Consultant, Bridger has become the guiding force for a diverse range of companies—from fledgling startups to established multi-million dollar operations.

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Access our comprehensive online courses and accelerate your business growth.

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Success Stories

Real Results, Real Impact

At AIMM, we’re proud of the powerful transformations we’ve catalyzed in the contracting industry. Our clients aren’t just customers; they’re our partners in success, and their stories are the heartbeat of our mission. Witness the journeys of growth and triumph as told by those who’ve experienced firsthand the AIMM difference.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“AIMM has been a game changer for our business.”,  “AIMM” system has played a major role in my success.” We are proud of our clients achieving their business goals.

Whether you run a multi million dollar company or are starting a new company, I would suggest you read AIMM. We have grown over 10x and the “AIMM” system has played a major role in my success.

Jonathan Jones


I love this What If Tool!!!! I’m really blown away because now I can show everyone in the company that this is how we can make things work. It’s incredible

Dave Misterly

— Aqualife Ponds

“Terry’s passion extends beyond his own business to truly invest in the success of his employees and the growth of other businesses. His desire to help is evident, and it’s made a lasting impression on us.”

Lynne & Bryan Beebe

— Brothers Outdoor World

It’s been awesome to have these guys, with Bridger and with Terry, to work with them every week to catch-up and go over the numbers.  It’s been incredible, and it’s really changed my business!

Chad Morrill

California Waterscapes

The 7 Structural Elements of a Contracting Business

Do You Have What It Takes to Grow and Scale?

At AIMM, we’ve pinpointed the seven structural elements essential for any contracting business to achieve growth and scalability. 

Revolutionize your reach with AIMM’s Marketing mastery. Our comprehensive services – from Branding to ROI Reviews – are designed to convert leads into lucrative sales, not just inquiries. Watch our marketing unfold in real-time with weekly results and monthly reports. AIMM Marketing is where visibility meets profitability.
Double your sales efficiency with AIMM’s cutting-edge strategies. Our Sales Services, from Funnels to The Neighborhood Marketing Program, are engineered to not just meet, but exceed your targets. Dive into our Sales Manual and Presentation Book for tactics that transform estimates into earnings.
AIMM redefines recruitment. We don’t just fill positions; we strategize to enhance your team’s dynamics and efficiency. Our hiring methods ensure you bring on board individuals who will drive your company forward. Discover the art of building a team that builds your success.
Elevate your crew’s performance with AIMM’s efficiency tools. Learn how to turn every crew into a profit-generating powerhouse. Our Crew Manuals, Targeting Strategies, and The What If Tool are your keys to unlocking unprecedented productivity and profitability.
Master the art of pipeline management with AIMM. We'll show you how to turn your stats into strategic victories. Our approach ensures you're not just overseeing projects – you’re steering them towards maximum efficiency and profitability.
AIMM’s approach to Organizational Structure is a game-changer. We help you architect a framework that’s as efficient as it is effective. From Org Charts to Strategic Plans, our methods ensure every role and responsibility is aligned with your overarching business goals.
With AIMM, management training goes beyond the basics. We equip your leaders with skills to not just manage, but to inspire. From financial planning to motivational techniques, our training modules are designed to transform managers into visionaries.

How many have you mastered?

These elements are critical to building a strong foundation and ensuring long-term success in a competitive market.

We're Not Just Coaches; We're Active Learners and Leaders in the Industry."

The Only Contract Coaching Company Steering a $20 Million Dollar Enterprise.

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