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You know that building a job without a plan is a big mistake: you end up doing things twice, out of order, not having all the needed materials, men standing around. But most contactors start a contracting business without a plan, get embroiled in the business and find themselves crazy busy but unable to cope and aren’t sure if they are truly making any money.

The AIMM System is all about giving you a PLAN of HOW to build a successful contracting company. Successful means: the business can operate without you, while giving you a 6-figure income, or you can sell it for something of value. For this to happen you will need systems in place that work, you will need to be able to pass a new job from sales to purchasing to the installation crew and end up getting it done on schedule with a delighted customer giving you referrals and money in your pocket. Now here’s the clincher, all this needs to be done by ordinary people not superstars, because there are just not enough of them to go around.

Contracting is not an easy business and to be a success is an extreme challenge, but there is a plan on how to get there. First, you must realize that you have two principal hats (functions, duties): one as a technician and one as a business owner and a manager. You should have your technician hat down well, but we even have courses on how you can pass that hat off to others, so they can do it as well as you. Mostly likely you were never taught the other hat: owner and manager. This is a hat that you can learn by following the hard-won principles that took us nearly 20 years to work out


We have laid out a road map of how to get there, step by step.

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Our courses cover vital topics like sales, marketing, estimating jobs, managing crews, business administration and more. Learn how to grow from a company that’s been there, made mistakes and come out a success.

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Revolutionary Software

Our software was created by us, and we’ve used it for over a decade to manage and grow our business. We have the only system that shows you on a daily basis if you’re making money on every job, even if you have dozens going on at the same time! We’ll show you how! Easily and Accurately. 


Whether you’re trying to grow your business but getting stuck, or you don’t know where to start, we can help. Our personal, one-on-one coaching sessions can help get you on track. We get a deep dive and get an in-depth look at your business, find out what you’re struggling with and lay out an exact plan to get you expanding.

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Without learning how to properly market and advertise your business, you’ll never grow – no matter how good your work is. We can get you set up with a website, logo, printing and more! 

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