The Key Difference

One or two solutions aren’t enough. A few systems won’t get you there.

You Need the Complete Package. You Need A Dozen:

  1.    Website Marketing
  2.     Sales System
  3.     Pipelines
  4.     Estimating System
  5.     Job Management System
  6.     Stat Tracking System
  7.     Sane Bookkeeping
  8.     Hiring Systems
  9.     Training Systems
  10.     Software To Tie It Together
  11.     One On One Coaching
  12.     Peer Groups

The Workshops

Taking a Deep Dive

Meet the Software

Step One

Complete the Workshop

The first few steps can be the most challenging when embarking on a new journey. That’s why we make it our mission to help you get on the right path. Our Business Workshop covers the 5 main reasons why 95% of contractors fail to create a sustainable company. 

Find where you are at today so you can move toward where you want to be tomorrow. This 3-week program will teach you:

  • Develop your daily budget
  • Understand the revolutionary philosophy of estimating and managing jobs
  • Put your numbers into the AIMM software
  • Complete your education of how to be an owner. You will meet two times a week with an AIMM coach.

Step Two

Create a Business Action Plan

Now it’s time to look under the hood. We start by getting your numbers, how many crew members you have, your office staff, overhead, etc. We then create a custom business action plan to help you scale quickly and effectively. 

The business action plan will be covered over 13 weeks and includes:

  • A step-by-step customized program of what to do to achieve your goals
  • Access to 100’s of job descriptions, checklists, videos and forms you will need as you expand.
  • AIMM 1.1 software included
  • One-on-one AIMM coach 2 times a week.

Step Three

Meet the Software

Now that we have a plan, we’ll introduce you to our revolutionary software. Our software was created by working contractors, and has been used to manage and grow our parent company for decades. We have the only system that shows you on a daily basis if you’re making money on every job, even if you have dozens going on at the same time! We’ll show you how! Easily and Accurately.

A Few of the Features Include:

  • Estimating Managing Your Jobs
  • Daily Tracking or How Much Money You Made That Day
  • Efficiency Score for the Crews on All Jobs
  • Rewards Program for Your Crew
  • CRM

Our Software

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have tried every way of estimating jobs imaginable. Throughout our journey, we found major pitfalls in the estimating systems most commonly used by contractors. That’s why we developed our own. Through our AIMM System, you’ll be able to take more control of your company. Our system enables you to see exactly how much money your making EACH DAY and estimate jobs easily.  AIMM is an easy-to-learn system that dramatically shifts how you price and manage jobs and employees. Through training, automation software, and vital numbers, you’ll learn how to stop pricing jobs incorrectly, take control of your company, and begin to make the correct business decisions that you need to expand and improve your contracting business.

The AIMM Software will help you estimate and track ongoing and upcoming jobs and help you accurately know how much money you are making.

Estimating Your Job from the Field or Office

Since the AIMM Software’s creation, we have been using it internally for over a decade to manage and grow our parent company’s construction business. We have the only system that shows you on a daily basis if you’re making money on every job, even if you have dozens going on at the same time! Easily and Accurately. 

The AIMM Software Includes:

“Obviously Terry has a passion not only for his business but truly for his employees and other businesses as well. He wants to help. He doesn’t have to do this but he enjoys it and that goes a long way.”

Lynne & Bryan Beebe
Brothers Outdoor World

The 5 Key Ingredients to Success Workshop

Tansform Your Business
Transform Your Life

Take the First Step

The Plan – Learn the reasons behind contractors not developing a plan to move forward.

Pipelines – Learn about a missing part of pipelines.

Wrong Answers – Using faulty logic gets wrong answers.

The Lie – There is a basic falsehood in all estimating systems. learn what it is and a system that does not contain the lie.

Going Forward – How to use all the above to move your contracting business toward your goals.