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There are over 30 courses so far, each with several lesson.
Each course is normally $7.95/month for unlimited users.

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Private Coaching

We have worked with many contractors and they are busy people.  We found that working with a coach to get through the courses in the right order increases the success- ratio and lowers the time considerably. 

We offer a 13-week program, where you will work with a coach every week. At the start, you will be spending about 4 hours a week and then it will start to taper down.  After each session, you will be given an assignment to do, which will be reviewed at the beginning of each new session.  It takes determination and a lot of hard work to build a multi-million-dollar company, but the rewards are worth it. 

You are getting 20 years of experience. We made every mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted effort – why not learn from our mistakes instead of yours!

In addition, you will receive the software at a 50% discount when it is released later this year.


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