How to Take Your Contracting Business to the Next Level

If you are a contractor, you have taken on a very big challenge.  Only 5% of those that start a contracting business succeed to make it successful, defining success as a company that gives you a 6-digit income and can operate without you.  In other words, the company becomes something that you can sell as a whole.  If you work 70 hours a week and have 3 to 5 employees you might be making a decent income, but if you leave for any time at all, it starts to fall apart.  If you try to sell it, you are only selling a job, your job to another and who would want all those headaches?

If you are interested in creating anything of value you must have a company that is organized and built on systems, where all of the vital functions are completely covered by others or they are set up with a system that operates, not by you.  We call this the MACHINE.

The vital functions that make up the MACHINE can be divided into 4 broad classes: marketing, sales, delivery and administration.  Each one of these has sub parts that are needed.  Administration is that last thing that a contractor thinks of as important.  It fact, 95% of contractors cannot define it.  That’s the same percentage that fails! It’s usually something left for a relative or a friend to do.  It’s thought of as paying bills, taxes and dealing with the legal aspects of business.  But what is it really and how important is it?

Administration is defined as:

1) The arrangement of tasks needed to control the operations of a company

2) People in a company who manage the operations

Administration is the arrangement of tasks assigned to specific people to control the operations of a company that will give the desired result. For a contracting company, that result is a project completed to the delight of the customer that makes you money. Or when there is MORE money left over after you have paid the cost to produce the project.  In that regard, administration is the vital aspect of a contractor’s success. 

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