What Is the AIMM System?

Most contractors can build anything but a company!  That’s what we do, help contractors navigate through the mine fields of building a company. It’s a very difficult job. What we discovered, as contractors who still run a 15-million-dollar landscape design-build firm and have learned from making every mistake in the book, is that understanding the business side of contracting means knowing your numbers.

 Contractors are like race car drivers, but they have NO gauges.  It would be hard to win without gauges for fuel, water, oil, RPMs and speed!  We make it easy for contractors to have their numbers at their fingertips, so you know when to get oil, water and fuel.

How It Works:

1. Free Business Consultation


You will work with a specialist to find out about your goals, what’s preventing you from achieving them and how to be more profitable. We then look at your numbers and advise you on what your next steps are.

2. Business Action Plan


Now you need a plan on how to get there. In this phase, you’ll discover the FATAL FLAW of estimating, learn how to read all of your numbers and get a step-by-step plan to turn your vision and goals into a reality.

Two Routes:

1. Implement Business
Action Plan by Yourself

2. Implement Business Action
Plan with a Business Coach

They both take you through similar routes but working with a coach will get you there much faster.  

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