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Business Courses

You are in the business to make MONEY. Why not have a system that tells you if you are Making any Money every day not at the end of the Quarter or the Year.

1. Know Your Numbers

Your first step on this journey is to know your numbers!  There are 5 vital numbers in any company.  You must know what these are, and you must know what YOUR numbers are.

2. The Enemy - Time

3. Setting Up Your Business

4. Corrective Actions

5. How to Estimate

6. One Man One Day

Marketing Courses

Today your leads should be coming from three major sources, your website, job and truck signs and referrals.  If your website needs an overhaul, we will do that or build you a new one.  Get new leads EACH day.

1. Website: We will build a website for you

2. Logo: If you don't have a logo or need a new one, we can do that for you

3. Business Cards: We even design makes business cards

4. Brochures: We can make your company brochures

Sales Courses

Once you have leads you need to close at least 50%.  Most contractors are closing only 20% to 25%.  We train you on the exact procedure of how to sell. And provide you with all the training and presentation materials so that you can train others to sell as well as you.

1. Theory of Selling: Understanding what selling is

2. Sales Resistance: Learn how to overcome sales resistance

3. Digital Presentation: We provide you with a digital presentation that you can customize.

3. Exact Sales Procedure: Following a procedure means getting a result. It also means you can train another on how to do it.

4. The Close: Closing the deal comes so much easy when you have an exact procedure.

The Crew Management Manual

Hiring good men is becoming more and more difficult.  With our training system you can get an untrained person up to speed fast.

We are working on Apprenticeship Programs for various trades.  The Paver Apprenticeship is available upon request.  The full Landscape Apprenticeship is coming soon.

Now that you understand the flow of money through the company, it is vital that you have a crew that also understands what you are doing and where you are going.

There are two types of training involved at the crew level.  One is the tech of doing the task (how to lay pavers, or whatever the trade) the other is the tech of how to work as a team. 

1. The Crew (2 lessons)

The Crew is a team and if they work as a team they can get the job done on time. The concept covered in these lessons is the importance of working as a team and that everyone on the team has specific assigned duties that he has become an expert in.

2. The Sequence (3 lessons)

In construction there are sequences that must be followed. Knowing the different types of sequences and how to train others on your crew to follow them is vital.

3. The Ayudante, or Helper (2 lessons)

Ayudante is Spanish for Helper. The Ayudante has specific duties of how he needs to help, no matter what the trade is. Both you and your crew need to know what his job is and how he is to perform it

4. The Maestro, or Teacher (1 lesson)

A Maestro (Spanish for Teacher, or Trainer) is someone who has mastered his particular trade. A Maestro has an Ayudantes, who assists him in completing a construction task on time. This lesson teaches how a Maestro must use his Ayudantes to get the job done on time, using Sequences.

5. Assigning Hats (Duties) in the Field (4 lessons)

Once the job, trade and task sequences are known by the entire crew, the Crew Chief trains and assigns duties to his men, based on their performance and experience. The correct way to do so, is explained in these lessons.

6. Planning a Job as a Supervisor (1 lesson)

We know by experience that planning a job correctly can take a huge amount of time off a job, thus adding to your bottom line. With this course, you can train your Supervisor on the fine art of planning to achieve maximum efficiency. A Supervisor should know what parts of planning a job are his and which belong to the Crew Chief.

7. Planning a Job as a Crew Chief (1 lesson)

We know that planning a job correctly can take a huge amount of time off a job, thus adding to your bottom line. With this course, you can train your Crew Chief how to plan to achieve maximum efficiency. A Crew Chief should know what parts of planning a job are his and which belong to the Supervisor.

8. Targeting a Job (1 lesson)

This course will teach you and your Crew Chief how to correctly set your goals for when you want to finish the job, and therefore make more money for your company.

9. The Huddle (1 lesson)

Huddles are weekly meeting to review production and work out how to make sure the week ahead will be a great and productive week. A properly conducted huddle is the key to making it all happen and it will raise individual responsibility.

10. The Homeowner (1 lesson)

Teach your Crew Chief the fine art of creating a great rapport with the homeowner, from start to finish, resulting in a final check.

11. Being a Leader (1 lesson)

This simple course will teach anyone who wants to be a leader, what the characteristics that make a good team leader are.

12. The Winning Game Plan (1 lesson)

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. And you can train your crews to perfection, and they can still keep on doing the same mistakes and working at the same speed. You will learn simple secrets on creating games that motivate the right people.

Your Pipeline

There are over 150 needed functions in a construction company.   A function for example is getting a lead, selling a job, purchasing materials, paying bills, installing the project and handling warranties.  Some are minor but if not done they will end up causing you problems. For example, not getting a permit to work in a particular city and getting kicked off a job for the lack of it.  How much time and money did this cost you? ALL the functions must be known.  Starting out with just a small crew you are must do all of the functions! This is not possible.  So you must add people in the right order and you must be able to financially afford them.

1. Your Pipeline

Arrange your pipeline from marketing flow out to leads, sales, estimates, installations and money in

2. Give it a Number

Each thing in your pipeline must be assigned a number or a stat so you know what needs to be improved

Org Charts

Now all of these functions in your pipeline need to be organized with a list of duties for each post called a hat

1. Basic Org Structure

Start with three senior positions and build from there

2. Hats

Every post needs a list of duties, a statement of what they are supposed to produce and in what quantity

The Software

As you grow you will need to a software system that collects all your customer information, follows them through the pipeline, measures statics, estimates projects, tracks sales, schedules jobs and allows you to mange hundreds of jobs at one time and the best part lets you know if you’re making any money every day!  The software is not available today but is coming soon.  There is much to do in order to prepare for using the system as you can see from all the training listed above.

1. The CRM

All customer information is kept in a Customer Relationship Management system so that you can track the progress of each customer as they go through your pipeline, leads that need to be contacted again and when sold they follow the line until the job is completed.

2. Estimating

There is a major fallacy in all estimating systems that we know of and this can lead you to losing jobs that you want and selling jobs that you don’t want. This system is like no other. It is designed to estimate in the same sequence that you will be building, considering different barriers and hurdles specific to that job that might mean more man hours. The estimate process results in the EPH, Estimated Production Hours which can easily be compared the APH, Actual Production Hours.  This will be key in tracking your daily and weekly profits.

3. Project Management

The system gives you the ability to look at hundreds of jobs at once and to view the performance of each task on each job and tell if the job is on track, within the allotted Estimated Production Hours or not. This gives you the opportunity to do something about it now.  It also lets you know if you are making any money on a daily basis.

4. Schedule Board

Using the EPH that comes from the Estimating Software one assigns a crew; then a drop-and-drag feature is used to schedule each individual task to completion.

Schedules change all the time, so we developed a way to make it easy.

The Schedule Board can be viewed by each customer’s job over time or by each crew over time.

5. Statistics

The system collects and graphs all the numbers from sales to production for both individuals to groups over any time period.

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