Increase Your Labor Force by 50 Percent​

Increase Your Labor Force by 50 Percent In today’s environment, contractor’s number one problem is hiring and keeping good labor. This was confirmed in a recent survey that shows 78% of contractors reporting they can’t get enough labor to sustain their growth. Contractors trying to grow their company and handle the work they have, often […]

Contractor Marketing 101

Contractor Marketing 101 To grow your company, you must spend money on marketing. Unfortunately, relying on word of mouth alone is usually way too slow. To create any kind of expansion as a contractor, one would need to spend 3% to 8% of the Gross Income each week on marketing campaigns. This percentage varies according […]

Building Anything but a Business

Building Anything but a Business Contractors can build anything, given a correct set of plans! But most contractors start a contracting business with NO plans, NO road map and only a vague idea of where they are and where they want to go.  A road map would be a step by step procedure of how […]

How to Take Your Contracting Business to the Next Level

How to Take Your Contracting Business to the Next Level If you are a contractor, you have taken on a very big challenge.  Only 5% of those that start a contracting business succeed to make it successful, defining success as a company that gives you a 6-digit income and can operate without you.  In other […]


Why AIMM? Contractors are some of the most ethical and creative people on the planet; most are artists, entrepreneurs and geniuses all rolled into one package, but only 5 out of 100 will really succeed. You might as well try to become a major league pitcher – you would have a better chance at success. […]

Our Story

Our Story I’m Terry Morrill, the owner of Pacific Outdoor Living, Pacific Pavingstone, and creator of the AIMM System. At Pacific Outdoor Living, our main product that we sell is a complete landscape design-build project to high-end residential customers. We refer to our primary customer base as the “mass affluent”. I run Pacific Outdoor living […]